The Ultimate Charter Bus Carry-On Packing Guide

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The Ultimate Charter Bus Carry-On Packing Guide

The Ultimate Charter Bus Carry-On Packing Guide

You’re now ready for your next group trip. Great! You’re struggling to decide what you should and shouldn’t carry in your carry-on, and it’s not easy. We are here to help you, so don’t panic. Blessed Limo has been transporting millions of passengers to their destinations, so we know what you will need for your ride. You don’t have to take your entire group on a motorcoach. Or you want to reduce the packing. Keep reading to find out how to maximize your carry-on space for your charter bus.

How much storage do I need on my bus?

Well… it depends. It depends on which model of bus you have and how many passengers are aboard. Because they are primarily built for short-distance trips, minibusses can be used by travelers with only one or a small amount of luggage. Some larger shuttles have luggage compartments under the cabins, but most minibusses do not. If extra storage space is essential to your group, let your Blessed Limo representative know when you make your booking. We’ll do our best to find a minibus with enough room for everyone.

Your 56-passenger charter bus will have enough storage for one piece of luggage and one bag. It’s similar to a regular airline, where you can only bring one bag. Your “checked bag” should measure approximately 62 inches (the same size as an average suitcase). You’ll be fine if it fits in the overhead storage or under the seat.

Carry-On Best practices

The overhead bin (or Overhead Parcel Rack if you want to be fancy) measures approximately 10x16x24 inches. Each compartment can hold around two bags, similar to an airplane’s overhead storage space. A small duffel bag or suitcase should be sufficient for most group trips. However, we recommend bringing a backpack or tote as your carry-on. Something big enough to store all the items you need but not too large to slip under the seat or overhead.

Keep your carry-on bag below 25 pounds. This is a good rule of thumb. This bag weighs approximately the same as

  1. an average 2-year-old,
  2. a beagle,
  3. Two enormous cats or three cats of average size
  4. Or 3 gallons.

Remember that the 25-pound recommendation is only a suggestion. You won’t be able to scale your luggage on the bus, and nobody will weigh it upon entry. So don’t worry if your bag is heavier than necessary. Be mindful of how much space your luggage takes up, as you will share the storage space with other passengers. Let us know if you have concerns about carrying too much baggage. We’ll be happy to help.

General Tips

Label all bags

This is especially important if your carry-on bag appears generic (black or gray). You can add personal flair to your bag by using a fun luggage tag with all your contact information, a bright bandana attached to the straps, or sewn-on patches from past trips. This will ensure that the post-trip unloading process is smooth and that your bag won’t be misplaced.

You can keep important stuff in your carry-on

Although this may seem like common sense, it is essential to remember: If something is valuable and fits in your carry-on, it should be there. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  1. Your wallet
  2. Any extra cash that you may have
  3. Prescription medication
  4. Personal electronics such as cell phones, laptops, and music players
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It is wise to keep your valuables close during your travels. Your luggage will not be accessible from the bus’s underside throughout your trip. Your driver will take care of everyone’s belongings at pit stops, so it is unlikely that your stuff will be stolen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Comfort items are the next priority.

Consider packing basic toiletries, depending on how long your ride is and what you have on your agenda once you arrive. You never know when to use lip balm, lotion, or feminine hygiene products. Keep makeup, a lint roll, and a small comb handy for touch-ups on the road if traveling to a convention, conference, or another related event. You’ll feel ready to go when you arrive at your destination, feeling clean and fresh.

Snack smart.

On group road trips, snacks are encouraged but optional. You will need access to the luggage compartment underneath the bus while it is in transit, so you will need to keep your food and drink in your carry-on. Please be courteous and eat wisely. You will be a good passenger if you avoid smelly food (trust me, they’ll appreciate it). If you make a mess, you’ll be in a moving vehicle.

Learn your ABCs.

It’s now time to pack. We recommend that you review your ABCs before you start packing your gear.

Accessibility means “easy to grab.”

It would help if you had the most important stuff within easy reach. This can be done either at the top of the bag or in an external pocket. You can also pack things you will only sometimes use in the load further down or in more difficult-to-reach pockets. You can keep your phone, wallet, and snacks, which should be on the top. You know that book you promise you will read but keep putting off? But you still brought it in case you feel the urge to read it. If you have to, be honest and put it in your bag. We won’t judge.

Balance, also known as “optimal weight distribution.”

You don’t want your bag to fall onto the ground by reaching for the overhead storage bin. As you pack, be aware of the center of gravity of your bag. You can place heavier items in your carry-on, such as a textbook or laptop, in the bag’s base.

Compression is the same as “get creative.”

If you are a heavy packer or want to maximize your carry-on storage, you will want to ensure that your bag is full. You can use various packing methods to make your bag more compact, such as compression bags to pack bulkier and more fragile items or Tetrising your stuff to keep it from getting too heavy. Consider, for example, if you are carrying a pair of shoes. You can stuff them with socks, souvenirs, and anything else you won’t use during your trip.

Are you all packed? Let’s go!

Our Blessed Limo team will make it easy to plan your group transportation so you can travel confidently. Call with your headcount, budget, and itinerary, and then relax while we do the rest. We can help you find the right bus for your group, whether for corporate trips or weddings.

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