The First-Timer's Guide to Renting a Charter Bus

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The First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Charter Bus

The First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Charter Bus

Charter bus rental is something that most people consider once they need one. Group transportation is more complicated than renting a car, and planning for fifty people will be more complex than planning for five.

Don’t worry! We aim to make renting a bus as easy as possible for groups of any size. We can help you organize group transportation, no matter what trip you take (if you’re an organizer, you might have a lot of experience). We’ll help you every step of your way, from choosing between large charter buses and small minibusses in various sizes to finding parking. Do you need some rental tips before calling us? This guide will help you on your charter bus rental journey.

Charter Bus Rental Basics

Let’s start with the basics, one by one.

Step 1: Decide if charter buses are suitable for you

We want you to select the most appropriate mode of transportation for your needs. Charter bus rentals are only for some; however, a group transportation option is excellent if you have more than 12 people.

A charter bus rental is an excellent alternative to crowded carpools for groups such as clubs that require large storage spaces. Charter bus rentals are also available for large businesses that require transportation to off-site training or team-building events, conferences, and other company social events. Charter buses can be rented to make it easier for groups to plan personal events such as birthday parties or marriage ceremonies with an extensive guest list.

The factors determining whether you rent a charter bus are how large your group is and how much time you have to drive. A bus rental is the best option if you are looking for efficient and easy transportation without hiring someone. Now that you have decided that a bus is the best mode of transport for your group, what next?

Step 2: Choose the correct bus model.

You can easily choose the best bus for your group by calling your reservation specialist to get rental information and a customized quote. It is helpful to know what you require before calling. There are two types of charter buses: mini-busses and full-sized charter buses. Full-sized charter buses sometimes called “coaches” and “motorcoaches,” can carry 55 to 56 passengers and have plenty of storage space. Minibuses, smaller vehicles, can usually accommodate between 18- 25 passengers. Minibusses are smaller vehicles carrying as many people as full-sized buses, but they offer less storage or have onboard toilets. Minibusses and full-sized buses can be equipped with WiFi, power outlets, and other amenities upon request.

Choosing the bus model that best suits your group is a good idea. A minibus is best for passengers traveling to personal events. Large groups such as sports teams or businesses will need a larger bus. Now that you are familiar with the differences between minibusses and full-sized buses, let’s answer a more important question:

Step 3: How much does it cost to rent a charter bus?

It is possible to give an approximate cost estimate for a charter bus rental, and Blessed Limo customizes your quote based on your itinerary. Call our reservation specialists with your travel information to find out how to calculate the cost of your bus. You won’t have to book if you get a quote from us.

Consider these factors when getting a rental quote

  1. The length of your trip. Blessed Limo requires that you rent for at least 5 hours.
  2. Travel distance
  3. The place you are traveling to. Larger cities often offer more rentals and have more variety than smaller towns.
  4. Traveling can be expensive. Summer peak travel months can be more costly than other months.
  5. Your bus’s size and make.
  6. Additional amenities such as WiFi and T.V.s are available.
  7. Book at least three months in advance. It is recommended to rent at minimum three months before your trip, although we do our best to accommodate last-minute bus rentals.

Depending on the distance you travel and the length of your trip, the cost will be per mile, hour, or day. Although booking a bus may seem like a huge financial commitment, if you travel with a large group, renting a bus can be easily split between everyone to reduce per-person costs. Before calling for a personalized quote, ensure you have your group headcount and any travel information. Let’s move on to the most critical question.

Step 4: How do you reserve a charter bus for me?

All Blessed Limo quotations are sent electronically to passengers. After receiving an email, you can review your quote and make a reservation for your bus. You can relax until your trip arrives by paying your deposit. Please call or email the reservation specialist if you have questions about trip adjustments. Your rental must be paid in full 30 days before your trip. After all, payments have been made; we will check in with our clients the week before your trip to confirm details such as your pick-up and drop-off locations.

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Beyond the Basics of Rental

Now that we’ve provided the essential information, let’s dive into charter bus rentals.

Who will drive the charter bus?

Each Blessed Limo rental includes a professional chauffeur with a valid CDL license, clear background check, drug testing, and a clean driving record. We do not offer services that allow passengers to drive the vehicle (regardless if they own a CDL license) or provide an externally hired driver.

Your rental price includes regular compensation for your driver but not lodging or valuable tips. Book your driver a room in a hotel if you are taking a multi-day road trip. You don’t have to book a 5-star hotel, but make sure it is somewhere they can get enough rest to ensure safety on the road. You can book your driver’s hotel alongside yours for a quicker departure. Ask your hotel for discounts for charter bus drivers.

Do I need to tip my driver?

Tipping is appreciated when your driver goes above and beyond to satisfy your travel needs. At the end of your trip, a cash tip of 10% to 20% can be made to your driver.

How does parking a charter bus work

Charter bus travel is more prevalent in certain cities than in others. Some cities have strict rules about charter buses traveling in certain areas. Although we can help you find parking for your bus, it is much more helpful to have parking
options available upon reservation. Ask the concierge at the hotel for overnight parking for large vehicles. Also, contact the attractions and venues you will visit to inquire about parking options throughout your day. The price of parking your bus varies depending on where you live and whether oversized parking is available. Make sure you provide.

Can I rent an ADA-accessible bus from you?

Blessed Limo can rent an ADA-accessible vehicle for you, whether you are traveling with seniors or other passengers with mobility issues. We will gladly find a bus for your group with wheelchair lifts, railing, and extra space for mobility devices. Buses that are ADA-accessible can sometimes be harder to find in busy markets. Please give your rental agent some patience as they book your trip.

Can I ride on the bus with my friends?

We can service private vacations, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties and girls’ weekends. We don’t offer party buses. A minibus is an excellent, comfortable alternative to party buses. Some providers allow passengers to consume alcohol on their buses. However, it would help if you inform your rental agent in advance.

Are more deluxe buses available?

Renting a bus for guests is a great way to impress them. A luxury bus with leather seats and an all-black exterior is often required for weddings and corporate events. The Blessed Limo provider network buses all have modern, comfortable interiors. However, let your reservation specialist know if you need a more luxurious vehicle.

I have a small team and need lots of storage. What should I do?

Groups should always book buses based on the number of passengers. However, now and again, groups may need more storage space than their bus can accommodate. A small sports team may require space to store its equipment. Groups of fans might need storage for their tailgating gear. Academic groups may need more room for presentation materials. If you call us to reserve your bus, please let our reservation specialists know that you require additional storage, such as luggage bays under the bus. We appreciate it!

Let’s get going!

It can be challenging to rent a charter bus when you first do it. But we are here to help. Blessed Limo can help you, whether you are a coach looking to rent a bus for a high school football team, a manager at work who needs transportation for a company holiday gala, or a best friend looking for a bus for his bachelor party.

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