Spokane Charter Bus Services

Spokane Charter Bus Services: Group Tours & Rentals

Blessed transportation Inc, is ready to charter a bus rental for you and your group around the Spokane, Portland, and Spokane areas. Thinking of hiring a limo bus rental in Spokane for a party or special event? Reserve one of our charter buses to travel in style and comfort. We pride ourselves on making your charter bus trip economical fun, and convenient. We offer a variety of charter bus services to and from many locations in Washington and Oregon to ensure you get the best 5-star service at the lowest price depending on the needs and size of your group. Hop on board one of our charter buses in Spokane to any special event you may have come up with.

When you need to look for Spokane party bus rental, you must ensure that you have made your bookings in advance. Make sure that you have understood the quoted price. You can also inquire about the discounts or any special packages that the company is offering to its customers.

Some party bus service in Spokane offers the customers discounted packages when they hire party buses for their weddings and the bachelor party’s transportation at the same time. Some prices may not include gratuity, sales tax, or administrative fees.

For an exact quote, you can contact our reservation specialists at any time of day at (206) 579-5911

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For what types of events do you rent buses?

We do it all – weddings, wine tours, church groups, school trips, athletic events, corporate travel, and more !


Without a charter bus rental for you and your guests, weddings can be stressful. Let us handle the rental of your charter bus. We will work closely with your Spokane wedding planner to ensure that all your special requests are met. Our Spokane Charter bus service can make your special day memorable.


Planning large conventions takes a lot of event planning and time. We understand the pressure on your guests to arrive/depart as scheduled. Blessed Transportation charter buses can accommodate any size group. Our experts have years of experience working with large and small event planners. We offer many charter bus rental options in Spokane and Spokane and surrounding areas to ensure your event is a success.

Corporate Events

We know how important planning is for meetings, outings, and training sessions. Blessed Transportation charter bus services take the hassle out of renting a bus. We offer a range of corporate charter bus options, from small groups to large conventions.

Schools and Colleges

Blessed Transportation can help your college or school group plan reliable, affordable transportation when it’s time to get on the road. Our group charter bus service is available for athletic teams, field trips, theatre groups, band trips, and other special events.


We understand that family reunions are special and require safe, reliable, and timely transportation. Families have used our expertise to plan bus charters for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and annual traditions. Charter bus services bring friends and families together every day.

Senior Clubs

We can transport your group to any local luncheon or game night, as well as to the casino, and back again. Our experts can help you with any charter bus needs that your group might have. We will make sure your trip is comfortable and easy. Our charter bus services are available for your next group trip.

Sport Teams

Blessed Transportation is available to transport athletes and their fans to all games. Our professional team has extensive experience in providing charter bus services for college, university, and junior-level athletic events. Hire a charter bus to ensure that your team arrives on time and safely.

Church Groups

Our experts can help with any transportation planning requirements for churches and youth groups that are looking for a reliable and safe charter bus rental to transport them to the park or across the county for volunteer projects, youth camps, and other activities. Our bus charters in Spokane can accommodate most groups and any special requests.

Before I rent a bus, nearby Spokane what should I consider?

Each group has its own requirements. This helps ensure that everyone is satisfied. Before you request a quote on a charter bus, here are some questions to ask:

1) What size and type of charter bus do I need?

2) What number of people will travel with your group?

3) Which level of luxury and equipment are required for the charter bus?

4) What’s your travel plan?

5) Who will contact your group regarding charter issues?

6) When deciding on a charter bus, which is more important: luxury or price?

Do you need to wear a mask on the bus?

Federal law requires that facial coverings be worn while at a bus station, terminal, waiting in line, on the bus, and getting off it. Federal law prohibits passengers from refusing to wear masks. Those who refuse may face federal penalties. Customers with breathing difficulties, less than two years old, or those with medical conditions will be granted an exception.

Are you able to accommodate passengers with disabilities?

Blessed Transportation is committed to providing accessible transportation services to customers with special needs and does not discriminate based on disability. All customers are welcome on Blessed Transportation. We can assist those with walking problems, people who use scooters or wheelchairs, and those who have breathing and service aids. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a personal caregiver, using mobility devices, or accompanied by a service dog, we can assist. Blessed Transportation must provide accessible transportation services to customers with disabilities.

How do we calculate the price of your bus-chartered rental?

It is difficult to estimate the cost of a charter bus until you call for an individual quote. Prices depend on many factors. Here are the top cost factors.

Distance your bus must travel longer trips are more expensive than shorter trips. The way that your price is calculated may vary depending on the length of your trip. One-day events, such as field trips and weddings, will be charged per hour. Multi-day events, like sports tournaments or long-term employee shuttle services, will be charged per day or per mile.

The number of days it is needed for: A trip that takes place over multiple days will be more expensive than a one-day trip. We recommend that you secure an itinerary, even if it may change slightly. Before you call to make a booking, be sure to have an itinerary in place. This will allow us to give you the best quote based on where you intend to take your bus.

No matter what time of the year you travel, Our Spokane charter bus rentals have a busy season just like other industries. Due to graduations and other major events, our busy season is usually in April-May and June-June, this is a peak season for bus rental charters trips, so we recommend booking ahead to ensure you get the best bus at a reasonable price.

It doesn’t matter where you are being picked up or dropped off: Because of their larger population, charter buses are more common in large cities such as Spokane and Portland OR. Some older cities, such as Spokane, might not have enough buses due to the limited availability of charter buses and narrow roads. Depending on where you live, the availability of buses in suburban areas will also vary. Your quote will also include deadhead, which is how long your bus travels to you without passengers. Your charter bus price will be affected by where you are starting and stopping. To get the best quote, we recommend that you provide exact addresses for pickup and drop-off points when you call to reserve your bus.

Choose the bus type you prefer (charter bus or minibus, shuttle). Full-size charter buses can be more expensive than smaller minibusses. However, if you split the cost of a full bus 56 ways, it won’t seem that much. So, you don’t get any surprises, your reservation specialist will break down the cost for your preferred bus.

What special amenities do you require? Many amenities such as WIFI and plush seating are standard on all bus models. Additional amenities such as onboard toilets, TVs with DVD players, and electrical outlets may be available at an additional cost. If you have any special requests, let your reservation specialist know and we will make sure that they are included in your bus quote.

Be aware that You might also need to pay tolls, parking, and a hotel room for your driver. Drivers must get 8 hours of sleep for every 10 hours they are driving. At the end of your trip, give your driver a tip of 5-10%.

Tips to Lower Your Costs

If you are concerned about the price of your trip, these are some tips to help you organize it.

Make sure to book early. Call at least two months in advance to get the best bus rental charter price. Our team has plenty of time to help you find the right bus.

Be aware of the per-person costs. While charter bus prices may seem expensive upfront, once you receive your quote, you should consider how much each passenger charged if you split the total. The trip examples shown below illustrate that charter buses are often more expensive than other transportation options. However, they are always more convenient.

Determine your headcount. If you need only 18 passengers, don’t get stuck with a minibus that can carry 25 people. If you think more people might be interested, don’t book one 25-passenger minibus. To ensure that you don’t pay more for space or change the price of your rental vehicle, you should finalize your headcount as soon as possible. The per-person cost of a bus with more passengers will drop the larger it is.

Plan your trip during the off-season. Because our busy season is usually in April, May, and June, prices tend to be higher for scheduled trips during these months. Prices are often lowest in the winter months (December-January and February).

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For an exact quote, you can contact our reservation specialists at any time of day at (206) 579-5911