Top Benefits of a Charter Bus Rental

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Top Benefits of a Charter Bus Rental

What is a charter bus?

Are you a large group who would like to go together to a sporting event or concert? Are you planning to travel to a family reunion, corporate retreat or church champ? You might consider a cross-state, cross-country trip. Charter bus rentals in luxury motor coaches are the best option!

Motorcoach service is a great option for group experiences that are local. It can also be used to travel a few hours away from home or on a multi-day trip. These are some of the top reasons to rent a bus charter for your next tour or event.

We Drive You

Your group does not need a designated driver. There are no worries about traffic, parking, navigation or fatigue. You and your guests will enjoy the journey together with your professional driver.

View The Countryside

You can relax in your comfortable reclining chair and see miles upon miles of country capes, small towns and farmlands. Amazing panoramic views from a luxury motor coach! This is the best part of charter bus rentals.

Enjoy the Camaraderie

You may travel with your friends, family members, colleagues, teammates, or as part of a tour company. You can socialize, relax, make friends, or get ready for the amazing times ahead by traveling together in a group setting. There are many places you can travel to these days.

Do Your Own Thing

You can watch a movie, read or text your partner. You can get some shut eye by putting on your headphones. The luxury motor coaches offer stylish and comfortable recliners with footrests. Many have Wi-Fi and charging ports. You will find a toilet onboard for your convenience.

Save Money

Motor coaches are the most economical way to travel. Charter bus rentals will help you save a lot of money for your group. The charter bus rental cost per passenger will be lower than any other type of travel. It is certainly cheaper than renting or driving a lot of cars and vans.

Your Private Chauffeur

Charter bus rentals provide door-to-door service. A professional motorcoach operator will take you to the exact destination you want, according to your schedule and itinerary. This is more convenient, safer, and more comfortable than any other mode of transportation. Your bags and luggage are safe in the overhead storage area or underbelly. It is extremely important to have security and peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

Modern motorcoaches are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. This is particularly important for trips to major attractions, national park, large events, and densely populated areas. A motorcoach can take at least 12 vehicles off the roads, and probably many more. Charter bus rentals are the best way to travel in a city, state, or country.

Safety is key

Safety is, above all, the most important aspect in motorcoach transport. Motorcoach operators who are professionals are trained and undergo extensive screening. They also must adhere to regular regulatory monitoring. Motorcoaches can be used for long-haul travel and are safe. Motorcoaches of recent years are high-tech and well-built. Motorcoaches are much safer than regular cars and have a lower chance of being involved in an accident. Charter bus rentals are the safest way to travel.

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Bus

The modern coach bus is stylish, comfortable, and sleek. Motorcoach travel is gaining popularity with millions of people, young and old. It’s exciting, fun, and offers so many options. People will start in envy when your Blessed Transportation coach charter bus pulls up to your venue, hotel, or attraction.

What’s the Next Step?

We can help you if you need to charter a bus for a local group. Blessed Chauffeured Services can help you find the right vehicle for your charter. We can even arrange a complete tour including accommodation, meals, and entertainment. Charter bus rentals in luxury motorcoaches are the best way to go. Contact Blessed Transportation Today!

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Experience is Important

There are many benefits using a private chauffeured sedan or SUV. Most importantly, you have an experienced, licensed chauffeur who knows the area and best routing. In addition, take in mind your safety. A professional corporate transportation service screens and trains their chauffeurs. They are responsible for their employees and therefore take direct responsibility for your safety.

Corporate Transportation Service is Efficient

Time is money, so why risk getting lost or using a cut-rate or rideshare service that may cause you to miss a flight or an important meeting? Driving yourself to the airport? Parking fees and rental cars can add up. You could get in an accident or incur a parking or speeding ticket. You might get lost in an unfamiliar city. This can all add up to lost time, more stress and added liability. Arriving at your gate much quicker is a simple benefit that can be crucial when in a crunch. As is being met at the gate or at baggage claim when arriving at the airport. Using a corporate transportation service and being driven in a pristine, late-model vehicle, with a chauffeur that knows the city you’re in is the way to go. Catch up on work or just to enjoy some quiet time before you reach your destination.

Reliability Gives You Peace of Mind

Using a corporate transportation service for airport transfers makes your life easier. You will receive a confirmation of your ride by email 24 hours in advance. A reliable car service will arrive at least 15 minutes early and send you a text alert when the vehicle is on location. Services like Overland will track your flight in case of delays and adjust the pick-up time based on the flights actual time. By using a private chauffeured service you will be relieved knowing that there is a car waiting to pick you up immediately after you land. Save time and avoid that high anxiety, especially when you are in another city. It is more important than ever to stay healthy while traveling these days.

You Should Relax!

While using a corporate transportation service you get another huge advantage. You can sit back and relax in the car on your way to your final destination. Why add the stress of hailing a cab or driving yourself in a rental car? Take a power nap, catch up on emails, phone calls, or review your big presentation. All while enjoying a smooth, safe ride. For added peace of mind, read more about traveling safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Call, One Bill to Book Transportation Anywhere You Travel

A professional chauffeured service has expertise in booking and managing their clients’ transportation in any city they travel to. They will have extensive resources and knowledge about all airport procedures and how to make sure your rides are seamless. Whether you travel to Chicago, New York, London, Asia or San Antonio, you should be able to book all your transportation with ease and confidence with one phone call or email.

More Benefits of a Corporate Transportation Service!

1) Professional onboarding review when you open an account

2) Extensive, late model access to fleet including sedans, SUVs, vans and coaches

3) Expertise with private aviation, airport meeting procedures and logistics

4) Booking and management of ground transportation services in over 450 cities worldwide

5) Meet and greet services when needed at some major airports

6) Real-time flight tracking integrated in our software system, ensuring on-time arrivals when your flight is early or late

7) Professional coordination services for large group itineraries

8) Live dispatch and reservation services 24/7, 365 days a year

9) Experienced, trained and supervised professional chauffeurs

10) Chauffeurs undergo background checks and drug testing

11) Innovative reservation, dispatch, and communications systems

12) Online and mobile app booking tools, including integration with GDS

13) Corporate travel expense management reporting and online tools

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