How to tip (Gratuity)? How much is Acceptable?

How to tip (Gratuity)? How much is Acceptable?

Booking a limousine is a great experience. It signifies the importance of your event, be it your prom night or your wedding or just a friends night out. A limousine ride enhances the occasion and adds glory to the overall experience. Now, the person who actually makes it all memorable is undoubtedly the limo driver, who very patiently drives you across the city so that you can enjoy a wonderful time. Therefore, it is essential that this person is given a good gratuity for his service. The question now arises as to what is the acceptable amount of tip that should be given. Let’s have a look at the following factors that are helpful in evaluating how to tip the Limo driver.

Evaluate the Quality

Like everything else, the quality of the ride also matters when you have hired a Limo. If the driver has given you a very smooth, bump-less ride, has been very polite and pleasant, opens your door and wishes you a good evening, it is obligatory for you to tip the driver well. Courtesy counts, therefore it is essential that the driver be tipped generously to show appreciation for his gestures.

how to tip gratuity

15% to 20%

Like any other service industry, the Limousine rental also has a standard rate of tip that can be given to the driver and that is 15% to 20% of the total fare. This percentage makes up a handsome amount as gratuity because the limousine fares are usually high, so if you have hired a Limo service at $100 an hour and if the total fare is $500 at the end o the night, then it is fair to tip $100 to the driver for good services.

Don’t tip if not derived

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to tip the driver just for the sake of it even if the services provided were below the mark. It is perfectly acceptable not to tip the chauffer if you think the attitude of the driver as not good. After all, you are paying a hefty amount for the luxurious ride and if you do not get a pleasant attitude from the chauffer then the tip is a big no-no. A chauffer is always supposed to be courteous and respectful and if he fails to be so then you do not need to tip him.

how to tip gratuity

Extra service, extra tip

You hired a ride, but if your ride comes with extra features and amenities, then these should be considered when calculating the tip. It shows appreciation towards the extra services provided by the company. Furthermore, if the ride was excellent, the chauffer was amazing then it is fair to tip generously while giving the tip.

The standard rate is 15% to 20% but the rate may vary according to the experience you gained from the ride. It is beneficial to consider the above points in mind when calculating the tip. But, be sure to tip generously when deserved and not to tip when not deserved.

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