Etiquette Tips During Seattle to Bellevue Limo Trip

Etiquette Tips During Seattle to Bellevue Limo Trip

When you are taking a ride from a first class limo in Seattle, there are certain rules that you shall follow. By following limo etiquette tips, you can have fun without any issues.

The first and the most important thing is safety. It is the main concern for all the passengers and the driver. Limo Safety can be overlooked at times. Limousine companies should not allow more persons to travel than the law has allowed. This is why it is recommended highly that the party organizer rent a limo with a higher capacity if the number of passengers in the trip from Seattle to Bellevue. The more spacious it is, the safer and more comfortable the ride will be.

The second tip to follow is to respect the limo when on the trip from Seattle to Bellevue, or a trip from Bellevue to Seattle. Limo companies pay a great expense to maintain their luxurious rides and this is why it is important for you to treat the limo with respect. As far as the privacy is concerned, it is at the chauffeur discretion whether to keep the divider window down or up.


All the conventional laws are applied to the person who is riding in the limo. The laws address drug use, underage drinking and even standing in the sunroof. These rules are surely meant to be followed. If anyone is caught violating these laws, the customer will be held responsible. Majority of the limo companies in Seattle have policies that say if the customer abuses the rules, they have all the right to terminate the contract without giving them any refund. For instance, most limo companies do not allow smoking in the limousines.

Never leave the valuables in the limo when you are not riding in it. Limo companies do not take any sort of responsibility for the theft of your items. Therefore, when going on a trip from Seattle to Bellevue n a limo, or a trip from Bellevue to Seattle in a hummer limo, or even a party bus for example, then make sure you take care of all your belongings as the limo company will not be responsible if your belongings go missing.

Following these tips will make you have the best time of your life and feel safe when traveling from Seattle to Bellevue in a limo, or when traveling from Bellevue to Seattle in a limo. Your guests also need to follow these tips so that everything goes well.

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