11 Reasons to Book a Charter bus

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11 Reasons to Book a Charter bus

11 Reasons to Book a Charter bus

Looking to charter an affordable bus? 1-206-579-5911 our reservation specialists will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote before you decide to book. Locally owned and operated buses in all cities Planning a trip is a tedious, frustrating task, and it’s also challenging to deal with unexpected road bumps. It doesn’t matter if you organize a corporate retreat or a vacation for the family; planning your travel plans can be daunting. Are you looking for an affordable solution where comfort and convenience are top priorities? Book a charter bus luxury! We are confident you will be convinced! We have outlined why charter buses should be a top choice for group travel. We offer over vehicles to meet your group’s size and budget requirements. Bus Charters. Coach Rentals. Party Bus Rental. Amenities: Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning, Onboard Restrooms, Reclining Seats, Wheelchair Lifts, Outlets, Video/DVD Player, DirectTV.

Time is the essence

For safe, reliable, and dependable bus rentals in Portland, OR It’s easy to get frustrated when you have to commute for hours before reaching the train station or airport. Then, there is the problem of long distances and traffic. You can be stranded if you wait for security and baggage checks or transit delays. Renting a safe and reliable charter bus in Portland, Oregon has never been easier.  Book a luxury charter bus, and you’ll be able to skip all the hassles. Just show up at the time appointed, and you’re good to go!

It’s not just about the destination.

You may have needed our luxury charter bus to take you to your destination. But that’s only half the reason. You can take a few sightseeing stops and detours to your destination. You don’t need to arrange transportation once you get to your destination. You don’t have to follow a timetable if you’re having fun.

Say goodbye to Designated Drivers.

No matter what age you are, everyone wants to have a great time. Charter bus hire allows everyone to relax and enjoy a few legal drinks. It’s also not necessary to navigate directions, park, or honk your way through traffic. The party starts when you get on the charter bus.


Space is the Final Frontier

Commercial flights are rapidly losing legroom. Standing flights are rumored to be the future. When you charter a luxury bus, you don’t have to worry about that. You won’t think about how you will stuff yourself in the middle seat and won’t feel debilitating anxiety as you squeeze past someone to stretch your legs and catch up with the crew.

Go Green

Bus travel is one of the very best ways to save energy. Charter bus travel is a great way to reduce carbon emissions. Comfortable, you’ll feel safe and help the planet in a way that planes cannot.

Luxe it up

Luxury charter buses offer luxury elements beyond the luxurious seats and legroom. Enjoy a movie or a drink at the bar or keep connected via excellent Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy a dance on the party bus and LED lighting to turn things up if you charter one.

Find the right fit

Many charter buses are available, so finding the right one for your group shouldn’t be difficult. You can choose from coaches that seat 54 or party buses for 18, with different amenities such as restrooms, LED lighting, televisions, and other amenities.

Do not break the bank.

It will be challenging to find a more convenient and affordable option for travel than a luxury charter bus. A 24-passenger charter bus trip, even if booked in economy, can be expensive. Charter buses can be cheaper than renting a car due to the gas and parking fees. You won’t even have to drive.

Keep the Gang together.

It will make things easier for everyone if you get the group together and keep them together. You won’t need to coordinate locations or call multiple people to find out if Aunt Shirley will make it on time.

Safety First

You won’t be able to access a charter bus with limited access, reducing the chance of unwanted guests coming aboard. Because you don’t have to be vigilant about your belongings, you can relax. The risk of serious injury in an accident on a chartered bus is much lower than in a car.

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